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Tips for creating a perfect PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance) using Biomedical Equipment Management Software.

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Creating a successful PPM plan is not an easy thing unless you use dedicated CMMS software like BME AssetPRO- the best biomedical equipment management software in UAE & Middle East. We can simply split the entire process into 5 stages as mentioned below.

Stage 1 : Schedule PPM based on Support Priority using the biomedical asset management software

Categorize support priority of your assets into HIGH, MEDIUM & NORMAL based on

  1. It’s important to organizational success
  2. Frequency & nature of maintenance
  3. Cost of repair or replacement
  4. Lifespan

CMMS software like BME AssetPRO helps you to easily classify assets using custom terminology for priorities Critical, Semi critical, etc.

Stage 2 : Collect all the Technical info using the best biomedical equipment management software

Before preparing the PPM plan, list out all the related maintenance tasks to be performed on that asset. You can gain more insight into the PPM Jobs from-:

a) Study the Manufacturer Service Manuals.

Using the service manuals you will get schedules for necessary maintenance, the usage of spare parts, and necessary maintenance work instructions.

b) Use the data from your maintenance history

Study the nature & reason for Repeating Jobs from the existing maintenance log or CMMS. From this research prepare a PPM job plan to prevent some of those failures in the future.

c) Discuss with your maintenance technicians and end-users

You can get some insights by talking to the people that are actually using and that are in contact with the machines on a daily basis. They might have some information you can’t find in maintenance logs and reports.

Stage 3 : Create a Test PPM Plan using the best biomedical equipment management software

Once you collected the list of all the needed preventive maintenance tasks and a general idea of how often you need to perform each of those tasks on a particular asset, you can create a Test PPM plan. Enter the data into your CMMS, assign your tasks to the correct people, add a priority, and due date to ensure the completion of the task.

Stage 4 : Analyze & Adjust the Test  PPM plan using the biomedical asset management software

You can analyze the quality of your PPM plan by studying the failure reports from the date of PPM implementation.

If there are no single breakdown jobs means your PPM plan is perfect and you can stick to that plan CMMS software.

On the other hand, if the Asset experiences regular failures despite regular check-ups and other preventive measures, you need to investigate what those breakdowns were and what caused them. Sometimes it may be required to add more schedules to your PPM plan for better performance of the asset.

Stage 5 : Assign PPM plan to All Assets using the best biomedical equipment management software

The aim of your Test PPM plan was to:

  • Study whether the PPM can provide good ROI ( Return On Investment )
  • Provide yourself and your team a smooth learning & transition period to adapt the changes in the workflow and transform into a proactive attitude.

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