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Improve your Biomedical Asset Management using the Job Request Portals.!

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Each Biomedical engineer will agree that they want to improve the quality of the biomedical asset management and maintenance jobs. We all agree that it is not that easy to reach near or achieve 100% quality on the service jobs or asset management.

In these difficult pandemic days, the responsibilities of Biomedical Engineers are running at an optimum level and have to deliver superlative service support. Every service calls are very much important and have to attend with assigned support priorities for that equipment or job. Many companies and hospitals have shifted to a work-from-home model or reduced staff strength by rotation of employees. It is very important to well document the service calls without losing any details of the complaint so that your colleagues can understand the issue with ease. Also due to the much higher workload on these lock-down days, you may forget to write-down the service calls for the follow-up.  CMMS software like BME AssetPRO – Biomedical asset management software helps Biomedical Engineers to communicate with End Users in a better way by using the Job Request Portal.

Biomedical Asset Management Software

Biomedical Asset Management Software


The requester can access the Job Request portal using the login credentials and create the Job Title (short) and detailed Long description of the complaint for better understanding. Attaching the relevant IMAGES of the complaint to the Job request helps the maintenance team to get a precise insight about the concern. Submitted Job Requests will be evaluated by the admin team and based on company policy, will approve or reject it. The rejected Job Requests with the reason for rejection will be notified to the requester. The Job Request can be resubmitted after rectifying the issues mentioned in rejection notes.

Job Request - BME AssetPRO CMMS

Biomedical Asset Management Software



Will obtain the complete perception of the reported issue from the short description (job title) and detailed Long descriptions. The attached image and detailed description of the complaint helps to interpret it visually even from a remote place.  This helps the Admin team to assign the job to the right Engineer/Technician with all the necessary spare parts and tools. The job request portal saves a lot of time and ease the maintenance job. Job requests with the reason for rejection help the requester to improve the awareness of the issue and prepare the requests following the SOPs of the company.

Maintenance Team

Receiving the Job request with detailed narration and attached Image makes the job half done. This helps the team to prepare the actions to be carried out by referring to the service manuals or using previous job notes. Also, the Team can make sure the availability of necessary tools and spare parts before starting from the office. Sometimes the attached image of the complaint helps to troubleshoot the issue over the phone with the help of the requester or end-user itself. Maintenance Management is simplified using Biomedical Asset Management Software-BME AssetPRO CMMS.

Job Request - BME AssetPRO CMMS

Biomedical Asset Management Software


No need for any distressed phone calls!  The requester can follow up and gather the updates on the status of submitted jobs using the Job Request portal. As the Job Request is well documented, it will avoid any future altercation with the maintenance team. The requester can access all the requests created by him/her and use it for any internal purpose like preparing reports, auditing, etc.



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