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Job Request-BME AssetPRO cmms
Job Request

Job Request

Online Job Request Portal

Everyone with Authorized access to the Job Request portal of BME AssetPRO CMMS can submit the Job Request from any where using any device. Using the Portal requesters can Track-down the current status of the their Job Requests and make sure no duplicated tickets and distracting follow-up calls.

Attach Images of the Complaint

Requesters can attach images of the complaint with the Job Request for better understanding of the Job nature before leaving to fix it.

Helps to Make Decisions

Job Requests can be Approved or Declined based on the company policies and priorities by lawful persons from anywhere. Declined requests will be notified to the requester with reasons.

Add More vital info

Job Requests can be edited, scheduled, assigned to Engineers/Technicians, add required spare parts and attach files before approving and creating thevnew Job Order. Real-time e-mail/push notifications on request status updates and scheduling will be send to requesters and higher management.