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Manage your Biomedical Assets using CMMS software

Asset Management - BME AssetPRO
Manage your biomedical assets using cmms software

Asset Management

Manage your biomedical assets using CMMS software provides an integrated data policy to follow movements, breakdowns, and administration of assets across the company. CMMS software empowers users to design workflows and control asset enforcement throughout its lifecycle to assure governing agreement.

Unique Asset Codes (UAC)

UAC (unique asset code) for the Asset will be created immediately after installation, which will be used to track future activities of the Assets. UAC formats are highly customizable and can be designed as per the requirement of Customers. For sample, UAC= DXB-ENDO-111123 means Asset is in Dubai branch- Endoscopy Department- with serial number 111123. This will help the customers to easily identify the Asset by just reading the UAC stickers or barcodes.

Auto-generate PPM Schedules

PPM schedules for the Assets will be created at the time of installation and will be auto-triggered at the scheduled intervals until the PPM/Warranty expiry date is reached. Automated PPM schedule creation eliminates human errors and keeps your maintenance calendar more accurate &  informative.

Group Install

Installation of multiple assets at a customer place using a single installation report saves time and less documentation process.

Parent & Child assets

When one or more fixed assets are dependent on another Fixed asset, the dependent assets are called CHILD assets, and the other one which they depend is called the PARENT asset. For example, a mobile phone is the “parent asset” and its charger is a “child asset”. This relationship helps you to take the necessary precautionary measures when you are shifting or considering a maintenance job for a parent or child asset.