Service Level Agreement

This Hosting and Customer Service Support Appendix is supplemental to the general terms and conditions set out in the eFAMS Master Service Agreement. These terms are liable to change at eFAMS’s tact so the administration levels and techniques set out in this ought to be explored by you every once in a while.


The Hosted Service, (gave by means of the BME AssetPRO) will have your BME AssetPRO main application, including discretionary applications and additional items, gave by eFAMS, just as totally produced information and databases, and will be given twenty-four (24) hours out of each day, seven (7) days out of every week as per the Service Levels set out underneath.


Programmed Updates: Automatic Updates to the Hosted Service will happen occasionally on a Saturday or Sunday somewhere in the range of 19:00 and 24:00 IST and will bring about an arranged blackout of the Hosted Service of under 5 minutes. Notice of Automatic Updates won’t be given to you.

Arranged Service Outages: You will be given no under twenty-four (24) hours timely notification for Planned Service Outages not comprehensive of Automatic Updates. All Planned Service Outages will happen somewhere in the range of 19:00 and 24:00 IST. You will be given at any rate forty-eight (48) hours notification ahead of time for Planned Service Outages happening outside of this time period.

Un-Planned Service Outages: When the Service Outage will surpass five (5) minutes, eFAMS will give however much earlier notification as could reasonably be expected for the Un-Planned Service Outage including crisis or basic issues.

Administration Uptime: Outside of Planned Service Outages and Automatic Updates, the Hosted Service will have the accessibility of ninety-nine point five percent (99.5%) in a yearly charging cycle.


III.a Contact and reaction times

Just clients who have paid for the relevant Hosted Service may contact the Support work area. Client’s assigned and named delegates may contact eFAMS Monday-Friday (excluding statutory holidays) between the long periods of 9 am and 5 pm IST by means of any of the accompanying:

eFAMS web helpdesk:
Support phone (during Support hours):

International or local: + 91 99955 78667

WhatsApp, Botim     : + 91 99955 78557

During Support Hours eFAMS will furnish Customers with such specialized help, up to a month to the month time limit as depicted on the eFAMS site, by phone or email, to determine Customer’s troubles and questions utilizing the Hosted Service, hereinafter alluded to as the “Administration Request”. eFAMS won’t offer specialized help for the disappointment of the Hosted Service to adjust to the Service Levels or proceed as determined in any determination. For additional help hours past the month to month distributed help time, eFAMS will charge the Customer at the hourly rate that eFAMS sets and conveys to the Customer preceding time being charged.

III.b Technical response times

eFAMS will give a Technical Response to a Service Requests got from the Customer. The time apportioned to the conveyance of the Technical Responses will be estimated from the hour of receipt of the applicable Service Request by eFAMS during Support Hours. On receipt of the Service Request, the Service Request will be relegated a “Priority” where the Priority is a proportion of the seriousness of the circumstance. The “Specialized Response Time” will rely upon the Priority as laid out in the accompanying table:


Priority Definition Action Response
1 A key function or feature of the Hosted Service is inoperable and further operation cannot proceed until it is fixed. Provide correction or workaround, as applicable Within 6 hours
2 A function of the Hosted Service is inoperable and further operation of that function cannot proceed but operation of other functions can proceed before it is fixed. Provide correction or workaround, as applicable Within 8 hours
3 While a function of the Hosted Service is operable, the operation is inconsistent with the Service Levels and the inconsistency involves a material failure to comply with specifications for the same. Provide correction or workaround, as applicable Within 12 hours
4 An issue that does not affect the functionality of the Hosted Service. Provide correction or workaround, as applicable As eFAMS determines in its sole discretion


If eFAMS doesn’t give a workaround or an amendment in the dispensed Technical Response Time for a Category 1, 2 or 3 Service Request, eFAMS will keep on attempting to address the issue every day during the week for a Category 1 issue or during Support Hours for a Category 2 or 3 issue. If eFAMS gives a workaround, eFAMS will work to address the issue as set out in the terms in the past sentence until such time as an amendment is given. eFAMS will offer updates to Customer as and when proper for the Category of the Service Request. eFAMS will work to determine Service Requests on a ‘best-endeavors’ premise consistently.

III.c  Escalation process

To determine customer Service Requests as fast as could be expected under the circumstances, eFAMS will utilize a three-level procedure dependent on the seriousness of the issue. Heightening up the specialized help chain is eFAMS’s duty and will be started just when a Service Request has NOT been settled inside the Technical Response Time. The goals procedure is depicted in the accompanying network:




Escalation times for service request categories

Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
Level 1 Customer Support Personnel 60 minutes 60 minutes 2 hours 2 hours
Level 2 Customer Support Specialist 2 hours 2 hours 4 hours 24 hours
Level 3 Software Engineer 4 hours 8 hours 12 hours 48 hours


eFAMS won’t be liable for rectifying a Service Request emerging from any of the accompanying:

             Problems coming about because of any changes in the Hosted Service made by any gathering other than eFAMS.

             Incorrect utilization of the Hosted Service; or to the degree the applicable condition isn’t inside eFAMS’s control.

Any deficiency in the hardware or in any projects utilized related to the Hosted Service.

The Technical Response Times for Category 1 and 2 Service Requests as set out in the segment above, will be stretched out by the length of any postponement in an opportunity to fix issues owing to any demonstrations or exclusion of Customer or any of its representatives, operators or subcontractors. eFAMS will likewise charge the Customer, at its sole circumspection, for the time required to determine issues because of the Customer’s activities, the expenses of which will be dictated by eFAMS and imparted to the Customer for acknowledgment preceding work being done.


eFAMS won’t be answerable for:

             Responding to demands for help for anyone other than Customer’s named and assigned agents.

             Supporting any outsider programming or innovation (except if said innovation has been given by eFAMS as a major aspect of the Hosted Service).


Data is backed-up regularly and stored by eFAMS and its third-party service providers primarily in Canada and the USA, in accordance with our Privacy Policy, Security Protocols, and Master Service Agreement